The Original School of Hard Knocks
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Times are tough! People are losing their jobs, savings, homes, cars and sometimes their minds!  If this has happened to you or someone you know, then you have been through the "School of Hard Knocks". Well, know you are not alone! Our numerous Alumni all over the world are proof of that.

 The Original School of Hard Knocks will award you or your schoolmates a prestigious Master of Misfortune Degree. In addition, our Alumni Association will send you or someone you feel deserves it, a comfy, attention grabbing, 100% pre-shrunk cotton Alumni T-shirt. Tuition is just $20!

 Your diploma, with its official school seal will add class to anyone's home, shop, office or prison cell. You can fill in the grad's name and year of graduation for that personalized touch.  Your degree will look so realistic; your friends will think it's from some Ivy League School! The T-shirt will turn heads and make you friends wherever you wear it.

Registration is as easy as ABC. Enroll today and enjoy a brighter future, along with the rest of your class and our many Alumni. Become one of the unstoppable winners in life that graduating from our school will prove that you are. Graduation is cause for celebration!

Master of Misfortune Degree From The School Of Hard Knocks Reflects Hard Times

- High Springs Herald

As unemployment soars one man has created work for himself by spreading a message of hope and humor. Rob Wilson knows all about recession depression. During the last recession in the late 80's and early 90's he lost his job, lost his home and then his fiancé left him. As Wilson lamented his situation over a beer with friends, he declared, "I feel like I have been through 'the school of hard knocks.' I deserve a diploma."

Inspiration struck! Wilson created and copyrighted a diploma and logo for The School of Hard Knocks and opened a business to market them, School of Hard Knocks Gifts. He sold Master of Misfortune degrees and Alumni t-shirts as a gag gift for those going though hard times and as gifts for Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversaries and other occasions that could use a little humor and satire. He felt there were probably a growing number of recent and some forgotten graduates out there who should be given a degree too.

When the recent economic crash hit, he knew enrollment would skyrocket. It was time to reopen the doors of school and enrollment too. He came out of hibernation, revamped his online store and booked himself into art and craft festivals, bike rallies, and community fairs. He hoped to spread a little satirical humor, hope and inspiration to others who have or are about to experience hard times.

Wilson says, "I have had a good response to my diplomas and Alumni t-shirts. Folks seem to get a kick out of them and it seems to help them laugh at their misfortune. They need some cheering up." Even the price is recession friendly. Tuition is just $20. Self-appointed grads receive a Master of Misfortune degree and Alumni t-shirt. The diplomas are signed by tenured faculty members like Rock Bottom, Ima Broke, Ben Hurt and Noah Luck. The diploma comes with the official school seal and can be personalized with the grads name and year of graduation. It is sure to add class to anyone's home, shop, office or prison cell.

As an Alumni and strong booster of The School of Hard Knocks, Wilson brings a message of hope and humor to those experiencing the same hard luck and doubts as he did. "I'm an optimist at heart." says Wilson. "I believe that life has taught me it is better to laugh at misfortune, the other option just makes things worse. Often today's misfortune is tomorrow's humor. I want the humor and satire in my products to bring hope and inspiration to others going though bad times." To under score this, Wilson points to the tag lines on his t-shirts "Learning To Cope, Restored My Hope" and "Learn To Thrive, Not Just Survive".